Tribute to Orthodoxy

Montegrappa Fortuna Guardian Angel

Montegrappa, the oldest Italian pen manufacturer presents a new limited edition collection Fortuna Angel, dedicated to the Guardian Angel.

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During Baselshow, the world's biggest and most important event in the watch and jewellery sector, which is being held in Basel, Switzerland, from April 25 to May 2, 2013, the Tribute to Orthodoxy collection and Ourh Father collection are being presented. You may see the Tribute to Orthodoxy and Our Father writing instruments at Montegrappa new stand in Hall 2.2 (First Avenue), Booth # C03.

Our Father. Easter collection

Tibaldi, the oldest Italian pen manufacturer presents the “Our Father. Easter collection” dedicated to Easter.

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The Seraph cufflinks

Well-known jewellery brand HERZOG, founded in 2006 by talented young designer from Italy Pierfrancesco Manka, presents new limited collection of cufflinks within Tribute to Orthodoxy collection.

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The Savior bleeding

The return of the Wonderworking icon of The Savior bleeding

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The Orthodoxy

Montegrappa, the oldest Italian pen manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Limited Edition collection dedicated to Christian images and symbols as an integral part of Orthodoxy religion, The Orthodoxy.

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Our Father

The search for spiritual contact with God is one of the main constituent parts of human nature of a man.


Tribute to Orthodoxy Collection has been blessed by Hilarion metropolitan of Donetsk and Mariupol.

The Orthodoxy and Icon

The divine ikon, evocation, picture are the various characteristics of the icon — at the same time these are the attempts to approach to its understanding, but they are the ways of attainment of significance.

It is quite difficult to imagine Christian religion, first of all the Orthodox one (though from the theological point view the catholic sculptural images are in the status of icons), if to deprive it monolatry to a holy ikon.

Retained by the dogmata of the Sevens Ecumenical Council of 787 year, on the one hand the icon merges with the beautification of the cathedral and the dwelling and on the other hand with sacral, with divinity on whom the thoughts of a believer are directed (not in vain it at the same time «είκόνα», a picture and «είκών», and an image).

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